Sustainability issues (economic, social and environmental) plays a central role within LSAB and our owners. LSAB develops innovative and sustainable solutions both in own business and in our customers production. We have unique possibilities to influence the process from the moment the log enters the sawmill and the steel is delivered from the smelting plant and finally reaches the recycling. The industries of our customers are all strategical important in a sustainable point of view. Wood and cellulose are essential for the future of sustainable material supply and the process revolution of the engineering industry, will have major effect on material and energy use.

At LSAB, we focus on three areas:


•  We must reduce our environmental impact at all levels.
• We must ensure that our products are manufactured with the least possible energy consumption and raw material consumption.
•  In Sweden all our units uses 100% renewable electricity.
• We measure and monitor our CO2-prints and works effectively to reduce them.
• All our waste is sorted and disposed of by certified recycling companies.


• We continuously monitor our employees condition and work preventively to reach a zero vision regarding workplace accidents.
• Gender equality and diversity are important to us.

Code of Conduct

•  We act according to our owner Latour´s code of conduct at all levels. Read more here! 


Solvatten is a Swedish innovation that helps families to clean water. Approximately one billion people live without access to clean water and electicity. That is, every seventh person. If you were one of them, you would need to spend about 4-5 hours each day to get water and fuel to heat and boil it clean. With clean water at home, the opportunity to get time to go to school or work increases, which is a way out of poverty.

Our owners Latour started a collaboration with Swedish Solvatten in 2018. The companies within Latour contributes by donating money to Solvatten. For example: Instead of giving employees christmas gifts they donate the corresponding amount. Since 2018 the Latour group has collected more than two million SEK that have gone directly to Solvatten containers transported to ongoing projects in Burkina Faso and Uganda. Latour´s goal is to reach 3,000 families during a three-year period, which corresponds to approximately 24,000 people.


Learn more about Solvatten here!